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Aija Thacher , a virtual fountain of information on nutrition and health, is rarely if ever stumped by questions from the lay community. If she doesn't know about a particular question or issue, I'm sure she would be the first to admit it, but to test this hypothesis we have the increasingly difficult task of finding something related to health that she doesn't know about.

CAUTION: Aija's combination of gentle, yet firm, conviction in the phenomenal potential of nutrition in combating disease, solidified through her many years of practical experience in helping people, is contagious. One really cannot open a dialogue with Aija without risking exposure to her particularly infectious ideas concerning "re"generative health.


Sylvia Grant, M.D., is classically trained as a physician, but devotes much of her time to helping those suffering from drug addiction. Unlike many programs that report an increased dependency with time upon drugs, such as methadone, her program reportedly is more than palliative, no doubt due to her long hours of dedicated effort in helping as many people as possible as much as possible.

Dr. Grant is likely to shock others, as she has me, with her unique convictions about conventional allopathic practices and her guarded willingness to participate in same. Her education clearly did not end when she finished residency and internship, nor is this student of life and health likely to ever cease to improve her rationally balanced approaches to conventional treatments, nutrition, and toxicology. Despite her training and education, Dr. Grant has an uncanny knack for putting into lay terms what we all know instinctively to be true about our health. Perhaps more than anyone else on our Board, the phrase "My KARma ran over my DOGma" applies to Sylvia.


J A. Dunn, B.S., D.C. needed no introduction when Aija Thacher was presented to her as co-candidate for expanding the Board of Directors for VitaleTherapeutics, Inc.; Dr. J remembered Aija, who had helped her many years ago so profoundly that J's focus in life and career was changed to one more finely attuned to nutrition and the healing instincts in us all.

J's approach to better health, though tempered by a firm foundation in science and biochemistry, explores every reasonable avenue to individually maximize the health of those who avail themselves of her healing arts. The relationship between "healing instincts" and the scientifically recognized "placebo effect" was never lost on J. She had been instinctively exploiting this phenomenon long before the subject was ever broached to her. Unfortunately, loss of the scientifically documented "positive placebo effect" is often compounded by an equally detrimental and often inseparable "negative placebo effect", especially when a callous remark of a less enlightened health practitioner takes away hope. In contrast, J's blend of the ethereal, the instinctive, the supportive, and the practical---together with the scientifically documented and more conventional nutritional, chiropractic, and toxicological approaches---covers a broad spectrum of healing arts.


Our founder is the principal inventor of the vitaletheine modulators, the most potent, chemically-defined immune stimulants ever described. These compounds effectively treat mice with melanoma or myeloma for entire life-spans. There are also some indications of responses in breast cancer models, and vitalethine has been shown to stimulate immune responses in murine AIDS models. Other biological activities have been described in back-to-back papers in the November 1, 1994, issue of CANCER RESEARCH.


Anthony B. Jeffries, Esquire, was instrumental in overcoming legal obstacles to the formation of our non-profit. He is also the incorporating agent for this organization. Mr. Jeffries has resigned as board member to better serve the organization and to minimize his insurance costs for legal liability.


Dr. Ronald R. Watson is a well-known expert on nutrition and disease with a long record of service to the medical, nutritional, and lay community. His Curriculum Vitae is anything but Brevi, and it is regretable that it was never condensed to a manageable size during his service to our organization.

Dr. Watson is editor of a book by the CRC entitled "Nutition and Foods in AIDS" (ISBN 0-8493-8561-X) published by CRC Press (Boca Raton, Boston, London, New York, Washington, D.C., 1998). This authoritative guide to immunity and nutrition contains many insights into factors capable of strengthening and sparing the immune system in its fight against disease.

Citing concerns about the litigious environment in New Mexico, Dr. Watson also has resigned from the Board of Directors. We appreciate Dr. Watson's efforts to help get our organization started, and we look forward to continued collaborative scientific efforts with him, as permitted by his association with the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona.


It is a sad day when litigation, and threats of same, chill legitimate scientific collaborations, thereby promoting the unscrupulous activities of others who would misinform the general public for private profit. VitaleTherapeutics, Inc. salutes the courage of any scientist, health practitioner, or lay person who strives to dispel the myths and false dogma of health and medicine through legitimate research and education, since the truth derived from these efforts can only elevate the health and well-being of us all.

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