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Nutritional Considerations in Disease

Just as one would not embark on a long automobile trip without air in the tires, petrol (gasoline) in the tank, oil in the crankcase, fluid in the windshield washer, water in the radiator, a spare in the trunk, and a charged battery, one should not expect a lifelong journey free from disease without attending to each of the many specific requirements of our bodies. There is mounting evidence that several additional nutritional factors, including possible novel ones, influence the ability of our defensive systems to respond optimally to therapy with the vitaletheine modulators. Consequently, if you have heard the old "tired" line from your doctor, "if you eat a balanced diet, you don't need a nutritional supplement", read on and consider finding yourself, another, more enlightened doctor to attend to your health needs. Of the many required nutrients that are probably deficient in today's diets, the B vitamin complex, especially pantothenic acid, and the amino acid, cystine, should be particularly useful in producing a long and healthy life due to their recently discovered capacity as building blocks for the vitaletheine modulators and for cofactors for associated enzymic receptors. GO TO:
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