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Our organization is compiling and disseminating information on a variety of diseases, nutritional factors (both known and novel), and environmental concerns as they pertain to the development of our research interests. To facilitate this effort and as part of our service to the domestic and world community we are soliciting articles to our journal, "VitaleTherapeutics", that may or may not be in vogue with the current scientific dogma. If you have an article that was turned down by another scientific journal and is just lying on your desk, submit it to us, preferably in HTML format, or post it on the web yourself and e-mail a submission request for us to capture it's URL. At the very least, we can give you suggestions for improvements to the article and identify additional corroborative or contradictory evidence if we decide not to accept it.



The use of hypertext for references instead of numbering is preferred. However, if you are not familiar with HTML formats, translation is available for a mutually agreeable fee, one that will be determined somewhat by the merit of the article and the effort necessary to bring it on line.

Priority will be given to articles with logical development and theoretical arguments. So that this journal can serve as a scientific forum for the exchange of new ideas, submissions of completely novel discoveries and theories are strongly encouraged. Preliminary results will be published provided i) that the experiments are carefully designed, controlled, and executed, ii) that there is a logical theme and conclusion, iii) that the limitations of the studies are adequately documented, and iv) that a minimum of experimental or theoretical basis for the rationale exists in literature.


Submitted articles will eventually be subjected to more stringent scientific scrutiny than normal, because representative e-mail to the editors and rebuttals will also be published. To minimize disintegration into flaming Web Wars, scientists voicing conflicting views will be encouraged to resolve their differences off-line and to report a brief summary of their resolved dispute. If no consensus can be reached, resolution of the differences by third parties will be published when they become available. The editors reserve the right to retract any published article, or any part thereof, and to summarily remove it from the journal after having been presented with concise irrefutable evidence discounting the publication.

As such, it is hoped that this journal will serve as a dynamic repository for condensed factual information. Attempts will be made to organize related articles in close proximity within the database to facilitate rapid evaluation and updates of any particular topic.

VitaleTherapeutics retains rights to accepted and published articles. However, to defray our costs and to encourage further dissemination of key research, publishers of paper Periodicals and Books are encouraged to solicit articles from us or our contributors so that the "best of VitaleTherapeutics" can be distributed to off-liners. This should be done only with proper credit to our Journal. Information can be down-loaded from VitaleTherapeutics Journal and Web Site at nominal or no cost by individuals for personal use only.

The following diseases and environmental factors are of interest, and we will attempt to explain why, to update, and to include comments and references to other useful sites on the World Wide Web as soon as possible and on a regular basis:

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