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Sylvia was born on Nov. 11, 1935 in Riga, Latvia, has travelled extensively and speaks Latvian, German, English, French and Italian.

3815 St. Andrews Drive
Rio Rancho, NM 87124
Tel. 505-891-3134

Primary schools in Riga, Latvia and in Danzig(Gdansk) and Hamburg, Germany.
1949-1952: Wellington High School for Girls in Wellington, Shropshire, England.
1953-1956: Hunter College for Girls, Park Ave., New York City. Pre-Med. Major. Graduated in absentia June 1957 (summa cum laude).
1956-1960: Yale School of Medicine ( M.D. cum laude)
1960-1961: U.C. Medical Center, San Francisco: Internal Medicine Internship.
1961-1963: U.C. Internal Medicine Residencies at Fort Miley V.A. Hospital, San Francisco.
1963-1965: Fellowship in Endocrinology and Metabolism under Dr. Peter Forsham at U.C. Metabolic Unit. Worked in Endocrine Clinic, Diabetic Clinic, Thyroid Clinic etc. and did clinical research and



1965-1971: Internist and Consultant in Endocrinology and Metabolism at Permanente (Kaiser) Medical Group in Hayward, CA (full-time till 1967, then part-time after birth of son)
1971-1973: Physician (part-time) at Student Health Clinic at U.C. Berkeley. Also worked with Dr. Leonard Hughes of Occupational Health Services, Inc. doing State Disability evaluations.
1973-1974: Internist working for International Medical Center, 311 California St., S.F. Most of work was annual executive exams. for financial district firms, but this effort also involved sixmonths of private practice working with a surgeon and a G.P.
Aug. 1974-July 1,1991: established and ran the Alameda County Employee Health Clinic (Alameda County includes Oakland and Berkeley), where we did pre-employment, back-to-work, DMV and annual executive exams. Clinic closed 7/1/91 because of lack of funds.
July 1991-May 1992: worked at San Leandro Rehabilitation Clinic, treating patients with injuries form auto, accidents etc., using P.T., exercise, education, etc. Clinic closed by owner in Maryland because of high cost of lease, etc.
July 1991-April 1993: worked with Dr. Jennifer Byrd, Physiatrist, of F.A.C.T.S. (Fitness Assessment Clinical Treatment Systems) Medical Group of Richmond, CA doing pre-employment, DMV, annual and Workmens Comp. evaluations until she left California.
July 1993. worked part-time as needed Center for Occupational Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery in Albuquerque. This was taken over by Occusystems of Texas Aug.93. Since Oct. 1992: on the staff (part time as needed) of Presbyterian Occupational Medicine Clinic.
Since May 1994: private practice in Prevention and Wellness (including stress mgt.,exercise, weight control, diet, supplements etc.).
Since August 1994: provider for American Wester Life Wellness Insurance (one of three Wellness Doctors in the Albuquerque area until program was terminated).
Since May 1996: Medical Director, Couselor, etc. at Center for Behavioral Health in Albuquerque methadone clinic.

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