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In contrast to systemic chelators, one probably does not want diatomaceous earth in the blood stream or in the cells or tissues of the body, since the diatomaceous earth in these locations may tend to retain and even to pull environmental toxins into the body. The Codex Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth has intact frustules about the size of red blood cells. The goal of DEtoxing is to drag environmental toxins out of the body in the stools, the DE never having left the alimentary tract. As such, the DEtox probably even helps to offset the undesirable tendency of many systemic chelation therapies to mobilize toxins.

Systemic chelators pull toxins out of the cells and bone, where the body has sequestered them to keep them out of the blood, into the blood stream where they poison vital organs and the immune system. While this sequestering process can help to keep toxins out of the blood at low levels of exposure, when these natural protective buffers become saturated due to excessive exposure to toxins, this accumulation can become pathologic. Thus, systemic chelators by themselves may not always produce desirable results when mobilizing these sometimes incredible toxic loads.

The DEtox seems to initially lower, not raise, the blood concentrations of many accumulated environmental toxins, as evidenced by hair analysis, thereby helping to protect our immune systems and vital organs even when faced with substantial toxic loads. By lowering blood concentrations, apparently the DEtox gradually and gently siphons toxins out of the cells and other tissues in which the body has sequestered them, never allowing the toxins to reach levels that poison vital organs and the immune system.


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