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Immune System Care & Feeding

    This is an ambitious undertaking, but one "well" worth the effort involved. The information is compiled from decades of research, tempered by recent discoveries in biochemistry made by this author pertaining to immune system function, including a natural compound named "vitaletheine" that plays a crucial role in keeping us healthy. In every case, the food, supplement, or beverage discussed has been approached from the standpoint of whether it aids or hinders immune function and other regulatory systems in the body. The same applies to determining what makes a given substance toxic, by analyzing its effect upon immunity and regulation. An immune response must be triggered and then controlled when threats to health are encountered. If the immune system is thwarted, various disease states manifest, and in the case of severe dysfunction or complete failure, autoimmune disease, and cancer become possible. In the interest of preventing this unhappy situation from arising for those of us still enjoying relatively good health, the following information is presented in specific order, allowing one to steadily adopt practices that will support the immune system in its essential job of weeding out the competition within, between our bodies's cells and outside microbes. Every item discussed here is integral to this process, and the sooner a comprehensive, integrated approach to the problem is achieved, the easier time our immune systems will have in fighting its battles on our behalf! The items that start with "bullets" indicate the core daily regimen to launch us on our health odyssey, but realize that the nutrition obtained with the other dietary elements discussed is equally important and should be added as soon as possible. Additional related information is included for solutions to specific problems. As more information is obtained and verified, it will be posted on the web site, and, resources permitting, made available in print. Networking with friends and relatives is suggested to help further this non-profit research and educational program, and to relieve some of the more mundane burdens currently placed upon VitaleTherapeutics, Inc. in disseminating this information.

by Galen Knight, PhD.

For daily adult immune system maintenance in our polluted environment one needs...     The use of MINERAL SUPPLEMENTS, with major concerns about known toxins in some colloidal products, should be considered when DEtoxing, especially in children with chronic health problems. Adults have more mineral reserves, such as calcium and magnesium, in their bones than do children who are actively growing bone and body mass. We are investigating various supplements for safety (toxic metal levels) and for their ability to restore any minerals diminished by the DE tox process. The author used MediTrend's Progena® SuperMins (1/day) to help  restore minerals depleted during his DEtox .
    TOXIC METAL exposure is a serious problem in the ecosystem worldwide, and elements such as mercury, uranium, plutonium, cadmium, bismuth, nickel, silver, and even gold, platinum, and palladium are all suspected of being problematic for the immune system and of causing a wide spectrum of disease symptoms. The use of so-called "depleted uranium" weapons in armed conflicts is suspected of contributing to the "Gulf War Syndrome", an array of health problems associated with that war. Nickel is present in all sorts of personal items, from eye-glass frames, the backs of watches, and jewelry to the change we carry around in our pockets. Nickel-containing under wires and the hooks and fasteners in bras may contribute to the 125-fold greater risk of breast cancer in women wearing bras 24 hours a day, compared to those who do not wear bras. Iron supplements much higher than the 10 mg/day recommended for men and post-menopausal women (18 mg/day for pre-menopausal women) can  cause serious health problems, including colon cancer. Colloidal mineral formulas, especially those that list toxic elements on their labels, only increase our exposure to known hazards, as do some contaminated Chinese medicinal formulations. Avoid exposure to toxic metal and other forms of toxins as much as possible, and consider using FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth to DEtoxify, thereby helping to protect ourselves from the many harmful effects of unavoidable exposures.
    Another avenue of toxic exposure comes from cooking and serving ware, such as when acidic foods, like tomatoes, come in contact with stainless steel. Brightly colored, low-temperature-fired pottery and stainless steel alloys can contain toxic metal components that are capable of poisoning us when acidic foods leach toxins from the pots, pans, and flatware. Aluminum and other metal toxins are potential hazards in this regard, with possible connections to Alzheimer's syndrome, Parkinson's disease, and other associated problems. Pottery (also GLASSWARE) that has been properly glazed and fired (such as crock pots, stoneware and porcelain), and untreated wooden and ceramic utensils provide safer alternatives than items containing toxic metals.
    Although SELENIUM is a nutrient and supplements of up to 200 micrograms/day can help to precipitate toxic metals, its use as a nutrient is probably more important than its ability to temporarily buffer toxic metals. Using selenium in a DE tox program makes some sense if environmentally exposed  to high levels of toxic metals or if extremely toxic. A "multi" may not provide adequate amounts, so check the label.
    TITANIUM appears to be a safer alternative than other metals for cookware, eyeglass frames, jewelry, and other materials that contact our bodies, food, or water, but only when it is NOT alloyed with other toxins or carcinogens like Beryllium. Aquamarines and emeralds are Beryllium salts, and (like gold, silver, palladium, and platinum) may not be as "precious" to our bodies' health as the industries that sell them would like us to believe. Rings and studs used in body piercing should be avoided or worn sparingly if one can not verify their origin and metal composition with confidence. Again titanium is preferred for maximum safety.
    For those already familiar with it, there is new evidence to support the use of KOMBUCHA or fermented "mushroom tea" for the purpose of detoxifying and balancing the immune system. A substance identified in the fermented tea, called D-saccharic (D-glucaric) acid, can bind and mobilize toxic metals in the body to help get rid of them. In so doing, the fermented tea (also IP-6) probably complements the metal DEtoxifying activity of diatomaceous earth. Furthermore, this acid sugar can change into a lactone form which inhibits glucuronidase activity. This could be very important, since the body rids itself of fat-soluble toxins by sticking sugar residues on them to make them more water soluble. The glucuronidase enzyme "unwittingly" clips these sugars off, allowing these toxins to re-circulate back into fat. The lactone form of D-saccharic acid inhibits this enzyme, preventing this re-circulation and making it easier for the body to eliminate fat-soluble toxins. More research is likely to identify additional beneficial  substances in this ferment, besides the saccharic acid, the B vitamins, and other nutrients that have already been observed.
    It is not known if diabetics can safely use small amounts of WELL-FERMENTED tea, but the sucrose used in its preparation is fermented to the “fruit” sugar, fructose. Fructose is 2½ times sweeter than table sugar and only about half as much of it is absorbed, so using primarily fructose is an interesting way of reducing one’s load of empty calories from sugar by about 5 times. If fructose is used the amount needed is only about a ¼ to one-third of the amount of “table” sugar that would normally have been used in the recipe. Fermentation with some “mushrooms” also seems to remove most of the caffeine and theophylline, at least when brewed with Sencha green tea. Extracts of Kombucha tea, and ways of attenuating the active yeast and bacteria in the ferment, may increase the number of people who can benefit from this interesting symbiote. Until then, very ill people, those with organ transplants, taking immuno-suppressive medications, undergoing radiation treatments or chemotherapy, and those who are otherwise immuno-suppressed may want to use only the commercial Kombucha products that have been pasteurized. At the same time, yeast problems have actually resolved in well-nourished individuals after consuming the “live cell” or unpasteurized ferment for several weeks. The budding yeast in the ferment appears to antagonize the sporing yeasts that usually cause most peoples' Candidiasis. There are researchers who are devoting most of their efforts to the study of this invigorating beverage. More information is available at this web site: .
    CHONDROITIN sulfate and GLUCOSAMINE sulfate, as well as MSM (dimethylsulfone or methylsulfonylmethane), has been used for arthritis or frequent joint pain instead of potentially harmful, high doses of vitamin C to be discussed later. Often these nutrients come in combinations with herbs, but one can obtain individual pure forms by mail-order (Jo Mar Labs). Recommended dosage varies, so try following the directions on the label or get more information about each case from a health professional, such as a doctor or a nutritionist at a local health food store. MSM also may help snoring, but probably should NOT be taken with alkylating agents, such as methyl-cobalamin (Me-B12) or the chemotherapeutic- chemical warfare agents "prescribed" for cancer. Cartilage is composed of strands of chondroitin and glucosamine cross-linked with silica, so diatomaceous earth, being 80 to 90% silica, may help to eventually relieve joint problems. The silica found in shark's cartilage may be one of the reasons that this material is reportedly therapeutic in cancer and other diseases. Alginates (kelp) and pectins (fruit), widely recommended in other detoxification strategies, also contain silica.  Pectin reportedly has 6 times more silica than cartilage, but these alternatives have only a tiny fraction of the amount of silica found in diatomaceous earth. Chondroitin reportedly has caused problems, so the other supplements are preferred.
    Microscopic live cell analyses of blood taken from individuals who have DEtoxed for many months produced little evidence that this particular diatomaceous earth ever makes its way intact into the blood. Also, hair analyses of these individuals displayed normal or even slightly low amounts of silica. This evidence, combined with a very low trace and toxic mineral content (usually ppm), supports the concept that the DEtox material removes toxins that poison the immune and regulatory functions, instead of adding trace minerals that support these processes in the body, as was once thought. Since they tend to pull toxins into the blood stream where they can poison the immune, excretory, and other body systems, DMPS, DMSA, and EDTA could be much more dangerous than DE. These systemic chelators bind nutritious minerals and can interfere with thiol metabolism, thereby creating problems for the very systems they are supposed to detoxify. Hence, DEtoxing  appears to be relatively safe with regards to both, systemic adsorption and silica metabolism, and its use even may help silicon implant survivors pull silicone metabolites and accumulated toxins slowly out of their bodies.
    Individually, DIATOMACEOUS EARTH, PANTOTHENIC ACID, L-CYSTINE, and OLIVE OIL have been shown to lower high cholesterol while often also lowering triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, and raising HDL cholesterol. With these positive changes using the individual nutrients, imagine what can be accomplished if all of these are made part of our daily nutritional program.     Many MINERAL SUPPLEMENTS are laced with lead, so one should look for one with the emerging standard, less than 1 microgram of lead per gram daily dose of CALCIUM (<1 ppm). Consumer Reports lists milk, cheese, yogurt, sardines, salmon, tofu, and collards as good dietary sources of calcium. Children's Mylanta, Posture-D High Potency Calcium with Vitamin D, and Tums 500 Calcium Supplement have less than 0.5 micrograms lead per daily dose, according to testing by the NRDC. AARP Formula 314, AARP Formula 564 with Vitamin D, Tums Antacid/Calcium Supplement Regular Strength, Tums 500, Walgreens Pharmaceutical Grade, and Your Life Natural Source have less than 1 microgram lead per 1,000 milligrams of calcium or <1 ppm according to Consumer Reports. We probably need more calcium nowadays to offset exposures to interfering toxic metal ions. Ions of calcium, sodium (salt), cadmium (amalgams), and bismuth (dentistry and medicines for gastrointestinal disturbances) are all about the same size. Calcium activates the monooxygenase receptor for vitalethine and increases cytolytic antibody production that protects us against a variety of diseases. Mercury and lead ions, that are slightly larger than calcium ions, inhibit this important immune response.     MELATONIN may be used occasionally just before retiring if one doesn't regularly sleep eight hours, or so, in darkness. It comes in ½ to 5 mg doses. Start with a low dose, and increase if necessary, to aid poor sleep patterns or to supplement when sleep deprivation is unavoidable. Taking enough of this hormone will usually make one sleepy in about 30 minutes, but the main reason to use it is to make sure there is enough melatonin available to maintain proper antioxidant and immune system function. To prevent atrophy of natural melatonin production, consider using it only every other night, or better still, whenever it is infrequently necessary to help re-establish normal sleep patterns. The purpose here is not just to remedy bad sleeping habits, but to ensure that our immune and regulatory systems have adequate melatonin to function properly. Insomnia can be a sign of chemical poisoning for which DEtoxification can help to provide welcome relief. Remember, "Early to bed, early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy, and wise." Benjamin Franklin. Melatonin is only produced in the pineal gland in the dark, NOT in front of our big screen TVs, computer screens, or with the reading lights on. A deficiency in melatonin causes the thyroid, testicles, ovaries, and adrenal glands to swell and to produce too much hormone, which can promote associated diseases including breast, ovarian, and prostate cancers. Because of hormonal effects, pregnant or nursing mothers should use melatonin with care. For example, it is doubtful that one would want to breast feed or save pumped milk for several, and perhaps 8, hours after taking melatonin.     VITAMIN C is a basic nutrient, needed in modest quantities to increase the monooxygenase receptor for the vitaletheine modulators. However, there is evidence to support possible harmful effects of this vitamin when taken in excess of about 200 milligrams (mg) per day. For example, vitamin C increases the monooxygenase receptor for the vitaletheine modulators, but it also interferes with the regulatory activity of this important enzyme, especially when too much is taken. One even can become addicted to high doses of Vitamin C. The RDA of 60 mg appears to be adequate under most normal circumstances. If currently taking a gram or more of vitamin C daily, one may want to consider lowering intake to more modest levels, slowly decreasing the amount over at least several days and preferably weeks. When diminished too quickly, loss of vitamin C can cause the scurvy-like symptoms (sore gums) of withdrawal, at least until the body readjusts to the RDA being provided.  Another concern, when energy production from food is too low to keep vitamin C reduced or when the levels of other antioxidants are inadequate to prevent vitamin C's oxidation, Vitamin C (ascorbate) can become oxidized to dehydroascorbate. Dehyroascorbic acid, according to the 8th edition of the Merck Index, causes diabetes, a fact not mentioned in the 12th edition. By preventing oxidation to dehydroascorbate, other antioxidants can be used to help compensate for returns to more modest supplements of vitamin C.     The Japanese have a low incidence of cancer, touted as being due to  their widespread use of soy products, but painstaking research seems to indicate they consume far less soy than current American diets, and that much of their soy intake has been fermented. Judicious use does not mean consuming only soy productseven the soybean counsel recommends getting only up to 30% of one’s dietary protein from soy. There are many sources of information, some good and some bad, concerning soy foods. Roasted soybeans reportedly, depending respectively upon who is selling and who is informing and defending, are supposedly rich sources of a wide variety of nutrients/toxins, including the phytoestrogens like genistein, phytic acid, and the amino acid, L-cysteine or L-cystine. Processing generally diminishes the nutritional value of foods, and boiling reportedly destroys more than half of the cystine in soybeans, so it is usually better to try to eat as many “whole”, unprocessed foods as possible. Soy beans and a variety of soy products reportedly have a good amount of L-cysteine and L-cystine (USDA), but unfortunately, this is made largely unavailable by various soy protease inhibitors like cystatins, soyacystatin, Kunitz inhibitor, Bowman-Birk inhibitor, along with extensive problems created by extensive processing in trying to get rid of these inhibitors, as well as toxins like isoflavones and metal toxins from processing vats that likewise destroy or make much of the L-cystine and L-cysteine unavailable or less nutritious. Roasting soybeans whole may help to destroy some of the toxic protease inhibitors present in the raw bean, with minimal damage to the nutritients, but evidence is mounting that enough heat to remove toxins makes soy less nutritious and far less safe. This has not stopped soy promotion by the soy industry. For example, IP-6 (PHYTIC ACID) in soy beans is being used to help treat a variety of intractable cancers. Other health professionals suggest that even though this may help to trap and remove metal toxins (See DEtox), this also causes problems with the absorption of nutritional minerals. Another example is GENISTEIN in roasted soybeans, that has been shown to choke off the blood supply to cancer (an antiangiogenesis activity like that of the expensive drugs, Endostatin and Angiostatin). It also is a rather potent antioxidant and may block some effects of estrogen imbalance that can trigger breast and uterine cancers, but the isoflavones in soy are among the most potent inhibitors of thyroid peroxidase known, and more potent estrogens are made from certain isoflavones, like the Equol analogue of DES that is associated with endometriosis in women whose mothers were treated with diethylstilbesterol while pregnant. Even though some menopausal symptoms reportedly can be alleviated, safely, by simply eating a handful of roasted whole soybeans every day, soy's 1) estrogenic activities, 2) documented thyroid hormone disruptions, and 3) an increased retention of these fat-soluble a) phytoestrogens, b) thyroid inhibitors and hormones, and even c) steroid hormones through soy protein-increased enterohepatic recirculation, suggests a more prudent use of roasted soybeans may be as an emergency measure when no other alternative is available to relieve disabling mentopausal symptoms, until safer alternatives can be obtained. Judicious use of small amounts of topical progesterone, and even estriol (a less potent estrogen metabolite) in various combinations with progesterone (say in the early morning when the circadian peak in cortisol production probably releases progesterone from cortisol binding globulin or CBG) may provide more predictable and safer responses for menopausal symptoms than unfermented soy.
    Oat meal and barley are suitable healthy-grain, vegan substitutes for bison round, or roasted soybeans and other unfermented soy products. Winged beans reportedly are another good source of L-cystine. It is usually a good idea to “rotate the crops” by including healthy whole grains and beans in one’s diet. Realize that a bad reaction to one’s first exposure might indicate a recharging of the immune system to deal with previously unaddressed infectious health problems, or adjustment of ones alimentary tract flora to better accomodate complex carbohydrates. At the same time, it is wise to avoid foods or other substances that produce “allergic” reactions like hives or anaphylaxis. The protein digestive problems with soy protein suggest that unfermented soy products, especially, could aggravate or cause food allergies.
    Dietary FAT is a "big" issue with Americans, but few of us realize what a critical role it plays in how healthy and energetic we feel. Fat does not in and of itself cause us to gain extra weight. This problem arises from the overuse of the wrong kinds (trans-fatty acids) of poorly digestible, dietary fats. When whole foods are not used, we develop cravings for more easily digestible sources of energy, such as the empty calories provided by refined sugars. Refined sugars and fats, however, provide little nutrition, refined foodstuffs having had much of their critical nutrients destroyed or processed out of them. When eating primarily processed foods, we tend to respond to our cravings for good nutrition by overeating, as far as calories are concerned. Many of these excess, empty calories and fat, are stored as "fat" until there are enough essential nutrients to fully utilize them. Meanwhile, we are not benefiting from this stored energy, prompting even more over-eating. "Starvation" dieting while still relying upon processed foods just exacerbates existing nutritional deficiencies, making it extremely difficult to manage weight effectively in the long term. Simply starving ourselves of fat will actually deplete our bodies of essential fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, and fat-soluble antioxidants. There is even an unidentified factor present in fat-like extracts of food, similar to the TINCTURES of herbs prepared with alcohol, that supports regulatory and immune activities. If we have all that is needed to effectively metabolize fat, "fat" does not accumulate or persist in our bodies. Unfortunately, too much polyunsaturated fat with too little natural antioxidants to protect it against lipid peroxidation further "fuels" this problem when the resulting epoxides poison the thiol machinery needed to metabolize fat. This same pathological reaction of epoxides with the vitaletheine modulators is probably the main reason that obesity predisposes us to cancer and heart disease.
    Tired all of the time? The problem may not be the screaming kids or that slave-driver at work as much as it may be an imbalance in our bodies’ use of fat, protein, and carbohydrates for energy. Environmental toxins and nutrient "look-alikes" poison thioredoxin, Co-enzyme A, R-DIHYDRO-LIPOIC ACID , and acyl carrier protein that are needed to process fat into energy. These same toxins also poison the regulation of sugar metabolism (glycolysis and gluconeogenesis) and a variety of other key processes in the body that normally utilize food for energy. Even the production and utilization of hormones (including thyroid hormones and steroid hormones made from cholesterol) are controlled through sulfur metabolism. Alkyl chlorides (from drinking and bathing waters), drugs, and toxic metals are among the more insidious toxins. For example, if thioredoxin is poisoned by toxic metals, the ATP used for energy by almost every cell in the body cannot be formed from ADP. Not only does "chronic fatigue" result, but any accumulating ADP is turned into uric acid crystals that can become large enough to cause gout, arthritis, and painful kidney stones or to block arteries, thereby causing strokes and heart attacks. “Homo”cysteine not only looks “like” cysteine, it also can poison cysteine metabolism, especially in the presence of toxic metals. This telltale marker of metabolic imbalance accumulates when the malnourished or poisoned body is trying to make cysteine from other amino acids. Homocysteine accumulates in "chronic fatigue”, fibromyalgia, cancer, and heart disease. AIDS patients have cysteine concentrations in their blood that are only 30% of normal and, lacking at least one of the two nutrients needed to make the critical immune stimulant (vitalethine), are "immuno-suppressed". Another example of a nutrient "look-alike" is nicotine. By closely resembling nicotinamide (niacinamide, niacin, vitamin B3), nicotine may artificially satisfy some of the craving, but not the need, for good niacin nutrition. This leads to even greater deficiencies in this critical vitamin, thereby reinforcing the misplaced craving for the nicotine. The chewing of tobacco, and perhaps even the use of nicotine patches, still increases the risks of cancer, even when carcinogenic tar is not being inhaled.     GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT is a natural antibiotic that reportedly does not harm the natural flora of the digestive system. One can experiment with it for alleviating gastro-intestinal disturbances, for washing produce, for ear drops (a drop in a capful of 70% alcohol), as a topical antiseptic, etc. There is a whole booklet devoted to this one extract alone. It is probably safer than the Triclosan added to many commercial antibacterial cleansers, such as dishwashing liquids, soaps, and perhaps even some toothpastes. Triclosan and related compounds bear a worrisome resemblance to thyroid hormones, thyroxine (T4) and T3, and have actually been shown to lower body temperature ["hypothermic effect", J. Toxicol. Environ. Health 1983 Aug-Sep; 12(2-3):245-253]. Another toxin, Dioxin (TCDD) also resembles thyroid hormone. Substances that interfere with thyroid hormone metabolism can result in health problems, including neurological ones. Apigenin, therein, has also been reported to inhibit thyroid peroxidase.
    Just as one does not want to take pharmaceutical antibiotics on a continuous basis, Citrus Seed Extract (CSE) probably should not be used internally on a daily basis for more than a day or two, and definitely for not more than about ten days to two weeks at a time. To do so might encourage a less vigilant immune system and also foster resistant disease microorganisms. Single applications of diluted CSE have stopped earaches in just a few hours. Versions are available, such as ALC (1-800-947-3662), that lack the high glycerol content found in most other commercial preparations.     Having one’s doctor cut out a tumor is usually a good idea if it can be done without a lot of collateral lymphatic and other damage. Remember, removing the tumor not only removes the toxins that may have caused the problem in the first place, but it also prevents formation of any epoxides that result when dead tumor cells are reabsorbed. BE VERY WARY of biopsies or surgery on the thyroid that can cause life-threatening "thyroid storm" reactions and of tests using radioactive iodine that can simply kill the thyroid tissue, thereby seriously compromising both thyroid and immune function. One does not want to become unnecessarily dependent upon thyroid hormone supplements for the rest of one's life. When used with anti-thyroid drugs, radiation is an all-too-effective way of causing throat cancer in laboratory animals. A non-invasive AMAS test is a much safer way of checking for malignancy than these other methods and should be considered, not only for thyroid conditions, but for other tumors suspected of being malignant. A positive AMAS test early in the course of the disease also can give some indication of how far a malignancy has progressed. A negative AMAS is an “either/or” situation–either one doesn't have any malignancy or the cancer is so advanced that antibody production has halted. Lorraine tested negative for cancer antibodies; either she didn’t have it and the boron killed her, or she did have leukemia, conceivably the end result of boron poisoning, and her immune system was so poisoned that it was no longer producing antibodies. A $38 hair analysis, performed earlier, could have helped sort this out and saved her life.
    To help correct high blood levels of the thyroid hormones and thyroid glands that are just swollen, consider the following: a) getting consistent adequate sleep in the dark and perhaps even using melatonin supplements, b) avoiding exposure to substances containing Triclosan-like chemicals, and c) supplementing with IODINE (up to 150 micrograms/day) or eating more dietary KELP and SEAWEED products. Remember, it’s OUR choice as to how WE pursue good health practices.
    PROGESTERONE, topically-applied, is the natural 'ONE. It is probably more than coincidental that women who normally produce enough progesterone are protected against 90% of all cancers. This hormone increases levels of vitalethine's monooxygenase receptor. Unlike the progesterone from which it is made, testosterone suppresses the monooxygenase receptor for the vitaletheine modulators. For optimum health, men also may have to get more in touch with their “feminine sides". Unfortunately, using progesterone correctly as a supplement can be tricky, depending upon one's menstrual and hormonal status.  ProgesTINs are not the 'ONEs we need to reduce our risk of cancer! The ‘tin ending indicates a synthetic, not the natural progesterONE. Estriol is a less-estrogenic, estrogen metabolite that may be of some use in bioidentical hormone replacement when used at very low levels.
    Some forms of microwave-able plastics, now, reportedly have NO PLASTICIZERS in them. Plasticizers are fat-soluble, estrogenic toxins used in the manufacture of many plastic products. They are notorious for disrupting hormonal functions and are suspected of causing developmental abnormalities in human, domestic animal, and wildlife populations. Check with companies like Glad, ZipLock, Tupperware, and Rubbermaid to find out which of their new products have been made "safer" by removing these toxic materials from the plastic. We can ask for Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on the plastics and on other chemicals in the products that we “consume”. To thrive we must become critically aware of these and the many other threats an industrialized society presents. Environmental toxins and “artificial food” chemicals, such as the estrogenic BHA and BHT antioxidants, can debilitate and disrupt our  hormonal and immune systems, so limit exposures when possible.
    For youngsters, the use of diatomaceous earth with mineral supplementation may be helpful in dealing with specific chronic or intractable problems, but under normal circumstances, just protecting children from toxic exposures and providing them with adequate nutrition should be all that is necessary. Many of the chronic ills associated with aging can easily result from a lifetime’s accumulation of environmental toxins, exacerbated by nutritional deficiencies. Eat clean, whole (unprocessed), and even organic foods for best results.

In closing, please remember three things:

Ignorance is seldom bliss!
Just say "KNOW" to Drugs!
What we don't know about what we are "being fed" not only can hurt us, it can kill us!
"There but for the grace of God go we!"

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