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Welcome to Boots by Bohemond! Handmade leather boots & shoes.

Exchange any "Off the Peg" shoe or boot for an exchange if it does not fit.

My "Custom Boots" are guaranteed to fit.  I rarely make a pair that fits incorrectly.  When it does happen, I will make right.

Return any "Off the Peg" item if you are not satisfied.

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Custom SCA Boots
Good old generic, non mundane boots for all Periods.

Cick Here for Persian Boot PageCustom Cavalier Boot
Big Tall boots!  These work great over and under armor.

Cick Here for Persian Boot PageCustom Persian Boots
A curled toed Boot with a middle eastern flair. Can come plain or fancy!

Click Here for Period Boot PageCustom Period Style Boots & Shoes
Heavily based on Archeological digs with modern comfort.

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Off the Peg Shoes and Boots
Based on historical examples & ready to ship!.

Click Here for knivesKnives
Historical knives every re-enactor can appreciate.

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Leather medieval, bags, pouches, purses, satchels from historical examples.

Click Here for Drinking Horn PageDrinking Horns
Viking and Anglo Saxon style drinking horns based on archeological digs.

Cick Here for Helm Page SCA Helms
Made with Sir Raymond the Quiet! In stock  Anglo Saxon, Viking, and Vendel helms.

Click for care & feedingCare & Feeding
Suggestions & products for taking good care of your new nifty stuff.

Shopping Cart:  Purchasing pre-made items is now much easier.  PayPal provides shopping carts and checkout with Credit Cards.  Just click your way to having pre-made items ship within 7 days.

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!

Custom Work: Except for the pre-made items available, each boot is custom fit and made for the customer. I use measurements and a foot tracings from each customer and new and unique pattern will be created for each new boot or shoe made. All work is hand done. The work and materials are guaranteed for 1 year.

How Off the Peg Boots and Shoes are Made: Boots and shoes designed to hold up to everyday use. In period, shoes and boots held up to 4 months of use. By using some modern materials and techniques, my boots will hold up for years. I use the finest quality 4 to 6 ounce vegetable tanned leather, leather mid-soles and leather soles to provide a period look. 

 Like the cordwainers and cobblers from the Middle Ages, lasts are used to size and shape each shoe.  after a few days of wear will take shape. I encourage that after a few days, athletic in-sole inserts be added to provide arch support and to ensure a very comfortable boot.

Notice: I have changed my e-mail address.  The new address is in a jpg below.