Released on July 17, 2007 and presently available from HauRuck!

It has been nine years since the release of Legends as a CD by Taproot Productions. Several months ago we were notified by Albin Julius at HauRuck! of his desire to produce an LP version of the song/album. I thought this would be a great opportunity to complete some of the portions of the song "Legends" that were originally omitted due to time constraints during days of the recording session that produced both Orphan in the Storm and Legends in 1995.

There were introductory musical interludes that I had composed for each of the parts but only three (including the song's introduction) were included on the CD. So the LP will present these additional interludes. Additionally, Robert Ferbrache has enhanced the song with an excellent ambiance not possible when the original analog recording was made.

The graphics of the album, though similar to the CD, have been completely revised.

So thanks to HauRuck! we can now experience the second incarnation of Legends!

--Nicholas Tesluk