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"Make strong old dreams lest our world lose heart"

-Ezra Pound

...Such is the true effect and appeal of all genuine folk music, and music genuinely based upon true folk themes and situations.

It admits us to an imaginary historical setting and situation where we may discover that we are capable of rousing our latent energies of imagination.

We have endeavored here in LEGENDS to capture the spirit and air of the epic madrigal ballad form.

The Poem

LEGENDS is epic poetry in miniature. Within the confines of 210 lines of verse, you will find the spirit and essence of six great epic poems vividly recreated.

These legends are the organic, outward, expression of a people's purpose and experience. They are the external fusion point at which reality and the dream become art.

The six parts of LEGENDS compositely form one large myth symbolizing the soul, the psyche, and the destiny of Western man.

The Music

The poem has been brought to full life by it's fine melodies, harmonies, and instrumental embellishments.

The performance you will hear on this compact disk is in a style highly reminiscent of a time long ago when music, reaching in some cases towards the classical in form and intricacy, had not yet become too proud to be the garment of words.

LEGENDS is in both style and content a poetic mirror of the time. It is the feeling of the time in which there exists a feeling of temporal identification. Past and present are united and with them, perhaps, the future as well.

Tracklist and soundclips:

Part 1 - Homeric Soundlip (Mp3, 788k)

Part 2 - The Aeneid

Part 3 - Eddic

Part 4 - Song of Igor

Part 5 - Arthurian

Part 6 - El Cid Soundclip (Mp3, 512k)

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