HauRuck!, A Presentation Of L'ame electrique


1. "HauRuck"

2. C.O.C. "Aura Borealis"

3. Novy Svet "Resistant"

4. Derniere Volonte "Un Refrain Solitaire"

5. :Of the Wand and the Moon: "Lost in Emptiness"

6. "HauRuck"

7. La Maison Moderne "The Only Thing That Hurts"

8. Tribe of Circle "Wir Kapiturieren Niemals"

9. Novo Homo "Nothing New on the Western Front"

10. Luciferato "Neue Ordnung"

11. "HauRuck"

12. I-C-K "Christ Mutile Art. 7"

13. His Divine Grace "Der Kommt Am Weitesten"

14. Decadence "Fight"

15. Reutoff "Morak Over"

16. Changes "Aphrodite" Soundclip (Mp3, 700k)

17. "HauRuck"

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