Fire of Life

Come Inside...

Fire of Life is extracted from vintage analog open reel recordings (1969-1974) by Changes, never before released to the public. Though Changes had a small but dedicated following during that era, the songs have "come of age" through the efforts and perseverance of Michael Moynihan (Storm/USA) and Willi Stasch (Cthulhu/Germany). As a result, these songs have received some worldwide recognition and we gratefully acknowledge their support. --Changes

"Fire of Life" Soundclip (Mp3, 616k)

"Sweet Eve"

"Bleeding Out Your Feelings Evermore"

"The Saddest Thing" Soundclip (Mp3, 612k)

"Early Morning Hours Of The Night"


"Horizons That I See"

"Satanic Hymn #2"

"R.I.P Van Winkles Pipe Dream"

"The Stranger In The Mirror (Pt. 3)"

"Twilight Of The West"

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