The Ballad of Robert de Bruce

Changes' Opus!! Produced by Robert Ferbrache and Changes!
With participation of Michael and Annabel Moynihan!

The Ballad of Robert de Bruce, Parts 1 - 6

In the early 1970s, not long after completing work on their song, Legends, in the tradition of their ballads of
heroism, R. N. Taylor wrote this lyric poem about the famous Scottish King. For those who may not remember
hearing of Robert Bruce, you may recall knowing of him from the great Mel Gibson movie, Braveheart. He was the
gentleman who at the end takes up the gauntet after William Wallace's death by dismemberment.

This saga begins following the Battle of Falkirk, when Robert Bruce is made aware that he has been warring
against his own people. The story continues through the famous tale where de Bruce is hold up in a cave,
watching a spider spin a web. The outcome of the spider's efforts determine the course that he will follow
in his battle to become king. It is a grand story of heroism in 14th Century Scotland vividly told by Mr. Taylor.

In 1973, Nicholas Tesluk spent several months composing the music for this saga. Unlike the music composed
for the six parts of their Legends song, where the melody follows similarly, in bardic form, through the parts with minor
changes, Nicholas wanted to emphasize the beauty of the events of The Ballad of Robert de Bruce with melodies befitting the
dramatic action of the song. Thus, the ballad hopefully captures the essence of the saga to leave the listener with vivid images
of what the duo was intending to convey.

For many years, Nicholas and Robert have been looking forward to recording the ballad, with the participation of their
dear friends, Michael and Annabel Moynihan. As technology had changed since they had recorded tracks in the late 90s,
the four of them went back into the studio between 2015 - 2017 to record it all anew.