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Winter snow in Tampere, Finland

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Sun and Space

Space Weather Current state of the Sun-Earth environment--solar wind, solar flares, sunspots, auroras
Transition and Coronal Explorer The sun's corona and transition region imaged at high angular and temporal resolution
Space Weather Now Image of today's sun, weather conditions in space, auroral map
Current Auroral Activity Information gathered from the NOAA POES spacecraft.
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Weather Reports Weekly updates, through Sept. 9, 2002, from the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft
Possible Climate Change on Mars Data from NASA's Global Surveyor shows possible warming of the Martian climate
Infrared Image of Mars Image, transmitted from the Mars Odyssey spacecraft, shows surface temperature in color for Nov. 2, 2001
Mars Global Dust Storm Mars on Sept. 4, 2001 as viewed from the Hubble Space Telescope
Mars from the Hubble Space Telescope June 26, 2002 picture shows large dust storms
The Martian Sky Clouds, sunsets, and sunrises as recorded by Mars Pathfinder
Evidence of ancient lakes and shallow seas High resolution pictures from Mars Global Surveyor show layered sedimentary rock
Latest Martian Weather Surface temperature and pressure through July 2001
Pathfinder Weather Observations Surface weather reports from July 9 through August 7, 1997; also Martian meteorological data presented in graphic form
Pathfinder Mast Temperatures Animated graphs of temperatures recorded by the three sensors on Pathfinder's meteorology mast

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Terrestrial Weather


Official Observations and Forecasts Reports from meteorological services worldwide A Spanish language weather page offering international coverage
METEOWEATHER Easily accessible forecasts, current conditions, weather history, and climate
Blue jets and Red Sprites Discharges from thunderheads reach the ionosphere...Click here for the scientific background
The Cryosphere at a Glance Near real-time map of sea ice concentrations and snow extent
Global Fire Monitoring Center Fire weather and climate forecasts; near real-time global fire data
Tropical Storms, Worldwide Current storm tracking and strike probabilities Forecasts for coastal waters and the high seas
NRC Report on Global Warming National Research Council advises White House on scientific evidence of global warming (June 2001)
IPCC Report on Climate Change Summary of report on observed climatic changes and global climate models for the 21st century
Lightning Strikes Latest data for European continent
Climatology Average temperatures and precipitation month-by-month; highest and lowest recorded temperatures; over 16,000 locations covered
Earthquake Bulletin Near real-time list giving precise location, depth, and magnitude
Live Internet Seismic Server Live data from seismographic stations around the world
Buoy Weather Automated weather buoys transmitting meteorological and oceanographic data
Current Marine Weather Wave maps and plots of oceanic weather observations
Global temperatures Planet Earth color-coded for temperatures.
National Ice Center Current ice conditions and forecasts for the US, the Arctic, and Antarctica
Global Image Infrared composite image of Planet Earth's cloud cover
Hemispheric Images Eastern and western hemispheres in visible (VIS) and infrared light (IR); images from the GOES 8 and GOES10 satellites
Global Fire Monitoring Current data on large scale biomass burning; to learn more about the environmental effects of biomass burning, visit NASA's Earth Observatory
Global Sea Ice Images near bottom of web page; blue represents thickest, red thinnest ice
Today's Ozone from Earth Probe TOMS Daily ozone readings from the stratosphere for almost any place on earth; history of the ozone hole over Antarctica
Pressure Charts Three to six day forecasts of mean sea level atmospheric pressure
West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center Watches and warnings. See NOAA's Tsunami Program for mitigating tsunami hazards to the the U.S. Pacific coast and to the Hawaiian Islands
Climate Data Historical weather averages for numerous locations around the world
Global Extremes Highest and lowest temperatures and highest and lowest average annual precipitation; information from the National Climatic Data Center
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Live from the North Pole Images from the newly installed web cam
Alaska Satellite Images Visual and infrared images at various resolutions
Alaska Public Weather Forecasts Current conditions, forecasts, aviation and marine weather; click on Public Forecasts or Observations
Alaska Volcano Observatory Reports on active volcanoes in Alaska and on the Kamchatka peninsula (click on Updates link)
Stratispheric Ozone Recent ozone readings from Earth Probe TOMS
Public Weather Forecasts Forecasts for many Alaskan communities
Alaska Climate Research Center Climatology summaries, historical climate records, and monthly weather reviews for Alaskan communities

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Macau Weather reports and forecasts
China Current conditions and four-day forecasts
Japan Weather forecasts by area; weekly forecasts for major cities
South Korea Current weather conditions and forecasts, satellite images of Asia, climate data, and seismic information from the Korea Meteorological Administration; Korean version available
Weather Underground of Hong Kong Regional temperatures and forecasts for the Hong Kong area
Weather on Taiwan Weather conditions and forecasts, radar and satellite images, climate data, earthquake reports, tides and waves
India and South Asia Weekly precipitation maps
India Local weather information; national weather summary; from the India Meteorological Department
Bangalore Weather conditions and forecasts; click on WEATHER
Pakistan Forecasts
Malaysian Weather Forecasts and surface observations, monsoon outlook from the Malaysian Meteorological Service
Singapore Forecasts and outlook from Meteorological Service Singapore
Thailand Weather reports and forecasts

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Australia and New Zealand

Australia National weather and flood information
Weather for the Southwestern Pacific Region Forecasts and current conditions from The Weather Underground
New Zealand Forecasts Short-term and extended forecasts
New Zealand Coast Marine forecasts for New Zealand's coastal regions

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Central Pacific Hurricane Center Reports on active tropical systems in the central and eastern Pacific
Solomon Islands Forecasts, warnings, and advisories
Philippines Forecasts
Pacific Infrared satellite image
Samoa Forecasts
Central Pacific Ocean Infrared image
Joint Typhoon Warning Center Satellite images, warnings, and forecasts for the Indian and western Pacific oceans
Satellite Images of Micronesia Images of West Micronesia, Micronesia, and East Micronesia
Guam Current conditions, forecasts, watches, and warnings
Brunei Forecast from the Brunei Meteorological Service
Hawaiian Islands Watches and warnings, observations, forecasts, satellite and radar images
Fiji Forecasts, warnings, and observations

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North America

Snow Analyses Snow depth, snow water content, snow precipitation, United States, region by region
Real-Time Weather Data Surface data, radar, and satellite images; also National Center for Environmental Prediction's GFS model forecasts out to 180 hours (hint: click on Numerical Models)
Climate--Eastern United States Day-by-day climate data for the eastern United States 1997-2002
US Snow Monitoring Snowfall maps by state or for the entire nation
Average Snowfall Month-by-month data for US cities
Mexican Monsoon Page Gulf of California likely to be dominant source of moisture for the monsoon
Fire Weather Information Center Fire weather forecasts, satellite images and graphics
Southwest (U.S.) monsoon Discussion of the Mexican monsoon . . . Tucson monsoon data
Revised Wind Chill Temperature Index National Weather Service uses a new method to calculate index
Fire Weather National fire weather forecasts and long-term outlook
Yesterday's Storm Reports Tornado, hail, and wind reports
Long-term Hurricane Prediction NOAA predicts several decades of above average hurricane activity (July 2001)
UV Index Forecasted ultraviolet levels for US cities
NWS Southern Region Links to National Weather Service Offices from New Mexico to Florida
NWS Western Region Watches, warnings, and advisories for the West from the National Weather Service Western Region headquarters; click on map
Recent Volcanic Activity Preliminary, weekly, and monthly reports
Satellite Image Infrared image of the eastern Pacific Ocean and western North America from the California Regional Weather Server
National Weather Warnings Severe weather warnings from NOAA.
Jetstream Map 300-millibar jet stream analysis for North America, showing direction of high altitude winds
Interactive Weather Information Network Conditions and forecasts from official reporting stations in the U.S. and from around the world
Weather Radar Radar images, including loops, for major US cities ; choose city first for local radar reports
Hurricane and Tropical Storm Tracking Storm track plots and animated storm movements for the Atlantic and Pacific oceans
National Hurricane Center Active storm advisories. Click on FAQ's about Tropical Storms for answers to frequently asked questions about hurricanes, typhoons, and tropical cyclones
Hurricanes and Tropical Storms--Western US Storm tracks and advisories from the National Weather Service in San Francisco
Long Island, NY Marine Weather Sea and weather conditions at Shinnecock Inlet and Fire Island Inlet
Flood Warnings Flood warnings for California rivers from the California Department of Water Resources
Fire Danger Map depicting current fire danger assessment
Climatological Data Summaries--Western U.S. Temperature and precipitation data from the Western Regional Climate Center
Climatological Data Summaries--Eastern U.S. Data from the Midwestern Climate Center
Climate Outlook 3-7, 6-10, 8-14 day, and monthly temperature and precipitation forecasts from NOAA's Climate Prediction Center
El Niño Forecast Advisory for the southern oscillation
Severe Storm Reports Hourly listing of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes
Canada Local forecasts and current weather conditions, province by province, from Environment Canada
Canadian Climate Normals Detailed temperature and precipitation records for numerous communities

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Central America

Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands Forecasts, hourly reports, weather summary
Panama Forecast, weather summary, climatology
Weather Radar in Mexico Weather radar reports from cities in Mexico; click on radar antenna (some sites under construction)
Mexico's Weather Satellite images, maps, weather data, forecasts, and warnings from the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (text in Spanish)
Costa Rica Regional and marine forecasts from the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional (in Spanish)
Cuba Weather summary; temperature and precipitation for the past 24 hours (in Spanish)

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South America

Satellite Image GOES infrared image of South America
Composite Satellite Image Infrared image; generated every 30 minutes
Venezuela Weather bulletins (in Spanish)
Peru Weather conditions and forecasts (in Spanish)
Measurements for Argentina Temperature and precipitation data from the Servicio Meteorológico Nacional (in Spanish)
Chile Weather conditions and forecasts (in Spanish)
Chilean Meteorological Data Temperature and precipitation data for major Chilean cities from the Dirección Meteorológica de Chile (in Spanish)
Colombia Weather conditions and forecasts from the Instituto de Hidrología Meteorológica y Estudios Ambientales (in Spanish)
Brazil Forecasts, images, and historical climate data from the Instituto Nacional de Meteorología (text in Portuguese)

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Iceberg Weather Page Temperature, pressure, wind speed, and relative humidity on giant icebergs in the Ross Sea. . . installing the stations
Satellite Image Satellite image centered on South Pole
Sea Ice Images near end of web page, follow link in text for help in interpreting picture
South Pole For weather conditions at the Pole, choose Meteorological Summaries; select South Pole, #2; click on View
Australia's Antarctic Stations Live weather data from automatic weather stations at Macquarie Island, Casey, Davis, and Mawson stations
Iceberg Images Satellite pictures of large icebergs recently broken off the Ross Ice Shelf

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North Atlantic Oscillation Introduction to the NAO, the variation in pressure gradient between the Icelandic low and the Azores high during the winter season
US Coastal Waters Offshore Waters Forecast and Analysis from NOAA's Marine Prediction Center; text forecasts of high seas in the western Atlantic also available
North Atlantic Forecast Charts Surface and upper atmosphere pressure charts--3-6 day forecasts

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Satellite Image Large infrared; updated 4 times a day
Ozone Current ozone totals over the continent.
European Weather Conditions Detailed weather map from the University of Cologne
Temperature Map Color-coded temperature map of Europe
Lightning Strikes Daily record color-coded for the hour. See A Lightning Primer for the causes and types of lightning as well as methods of detection and current research

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Western Europe

France Weather conditions, forecasts, "carte de vigilance" (site in French)
Austria Current conditions and forecasts (in German); click on Wetter
Belgium Current observations and forecasts from the Royal Meteorological Institute
Channel Island Forecasts Channel island forecasts from the Jersey Meteorological Department
Denmark Five-day forecasts; Danish version available
Germany Forecasts (in German)
Weather and Climate in Ireland Satellite maps, current weather, forecasts, warnings
Netherlands Current readings, forecasts, and North Sea storm warnings from the Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut (in Dutch)
Switzerland From MeteoSwiss, local forecasts and weather
UK Forecasts Three-day forecasts from Great Britain's Meteorological Office
UK Weather Weather reports from around the UK

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Nordic Countries

Satellite Image Image loop of cloud cover over Scandinavia
Finnish Weather Observations and Forecasts Choose city
Iceland Weather forecasts and current observations
Weather for Norway One- and four-day forecasts; Norwegian available
Helsingborg's Weather Forecasts, satellite images, stratospheric ozone, for northern Europe; in Swedish
Sweden Forecasts and weather conditions from the Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (in Swedish)

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Eastern Europe

Romania Forecasts (in Romanian)
Polish Cities Current conditions in major Polish cities; in Polish
Ukraine Current conditions; three-day forecasts; Russian and Ukrainian versions available
Azerbaijan Republic Current temperatures; Russian and Azeri versions available
Bulgaria Weather data for Bulgarian locations from the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
Central Europe Forecast Maps; text in Polish; English version available
Czech Republic Weather data from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute; Czech version available
Estonia Forecasts from the Baltic News Service; Estonian version available
Polish Weather Forecasts and current conditions (in Polish)
Poland Forecasts (in Polish); click on Pogoda
Weather Charts Detailed meteograms for Poland and surrounding countries
Images of Russia Satellite images of northeastern Europe, European Russia, and Western Siberia; Russian version available
Russian Weather Latest weather reports from the regions of Russia
Russia's Weather Server Weather forecasts for Russia and neighboring states
Slovakia Weather conditions in Slovakian communities

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Southern Europe

Catalonia Weather conditions in Catalonian communities (in Catalan)
Croatia Weather conditions, forecasts, climate data
Greek Weather Weather charts from the National Technical University
Athens Current weather conditions
Italy Forecasts for the regions of Italy (in Italian)
Seismic Activity Seismic monitoring in real time from the University of Camerino (in Italian)
Portugal Forecasts (in Portuguese)
Spain Forecasts (in Spanish) for Spain and the autonomous communities from the Instituto Nacional de Meteorología; click on información climatológica for climate data, 1961 to 1990, for Spanish cities
Catalonia Real time weather data, forecasts for the region; maritime and coastal forecasts; in Catalan
Yugoslavia Current conditions and forecasts; in Serbian
Slovenia Current conditions; one- and two-day forecasts

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Middle East

Weather in Israel Weather reports in English and Hebrew
Satellite Image Infrared image of the Middle East from the Meteosat satellite
Temperatures in Ankara Weather data from Hacettepe University Beytepe Campus (Turkish version available)
Israel Forecasts
Saudi Arabia Weather summary, forecasts, and historical averages for temperature and precipitation
Oman Forecasts and observations

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Satellite Image Infrared picture
Zimbabwe Current conditions
Algeria Forecasts; click on Le temps; in French
Egypt Four-day forecasts; click on Weather Forecasting
Morocco Current conditions and forecasts (in French)
South Africa Regional weather conditions and forecasts
Kenya 24-hour forecasts
Swaziland 7-day forecasts, climate data

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