Welcome to Albuquerque,

New Mexico!

Albuquerque is in the heart of New Mexico.......there is so much to enjoy in this city.

But you may certainly want to explore.....and from the central location of the Golden Guesthouses in Albuquerque, you are easily accessible to all of New Mexico's enchantments.

Here are some places to find more information about:

Albuquerque and New Mexico

Betty's Bath is a friendly nearby spa that offers soaking tubs, massages, facials, and restorative spa treatments.

Bienvenidos a Nuevo Mexico - provides a clean, easy-viewing tour of mostly mainstream New Mexico sites

The Balloon Fiesta! - occurs every year in October, New Mexico's most beautiful month! If you missed it this year, plan NOW for next year!

The Collector's Guide: Albuquerque Tour - this is a great site!! If you only have time for one hit right now.....GO HERE! Not just art, but adventures, dining, lodging (if we happen to be full). Debbie G. would probably agree with every one of their recommendations for dining!

MESA in Full - is an electronic calendar to everything going on in Albuquerque, as of this very second.....constantly updated, with contacts, locations, more info than you probably need!

Ice Caves & Bandera Crater - This is one of my personal favorites! A 50-ish style "tourist attraction" far from urban civilization. The Ice Caves are about 1-1/2 hours west of Albuquerque, in Navajo country on the way to El Morro National Monument......if you continue on that beautiful road to Ramah and find the Blue Corn Cafe still open.....consider yourself LUCKY! And stop to dine!

Chaco Canyon - A thousand years ago Chaco Canyon served as political and economic center for the Anasazi, a people's whose history is forever shrouded in mystery due to their abrupt disappearance some 700 years ago.

Santa Fe Opera - the site is nothing like the real thing of course.....but check it out.

Petroglyph National Monument - 17 miles of cultural and natural resources
along Albuquerque's West Mesa.

Mesa Verde National Park - Mesa Verde National Park is the nation's richest archeological preserve with over 4000 sites. Guided tours, food, history, and more!

Turquoise Trail - Breathtaking scenery that stretches as far as the eye can see. From Albuquerque to Santa Fe you can discover the beauty of the southwest through in mining towns, fine-art hotspots, and some of the best hiking trails in New Mexico.

Sandia Peak Tramway - take a ride on the world's longest aerial tramway, dine at the top of Sandia Peak, and explore.


GAY New Mexico!

Explore beautiful New Mexico, and stay at the centrally-located Golden Guest House in Albuquerque.

OUT! Magazine - New Mexico's Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Magazine. This site is not frequently updated, but the calendar has listings of gay/lesbian events and places to play.

Gayscape - is a site for residents of New Mexico and for tourists. You will certainly find lots of information and listings for gay businesses, events, places.

Albuquerque Lesbian & Gay Chamber of Commerce - "ALGCC is a professional association which fosters the growth of gay & lesbian-friendly businesses and professionals, as well as promoting the positive image of gays and lesbians in the community."

Coalition for Gay & Lesbian Rights in New Mexico

Common Bond's "Virtual Community Center" information board - This site is a little rough around the edges, but there is lots of updated, good information on what's going on in the city and outlying areas.

New Mexico Gay Rodeo - Find about about New Mexico's cowgirls and cowboys! I was disappointed to not find a photo of the reigning Rodeo Queen........


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