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SCA Style Boot

Bohemond's Saxon Boots

The SCA Boots is a basic style that covers many different periods and places. These custom handmade leather boots and shoes work well for early period personas in the SCA, Renaissance, living history, and historical reenactment from the middle ages or medieval times. 

This is the most popular boot I make. By selecting the options below, Fancy Extras, you can make Viking, Saxon, 14C turn shoe, bucket boot, or almost any shoe or boot worn between 800 and 1400 across the globe including the middle east.

SCA Boots 2

sca boots 1

The SCA Boot is characterized by a reinforced heel, crepe sole, artificial mid-sole, 4.5 to 6 oz chromium tanned top grain cow hide and a seam up the back of the leg. SCA Boots are 10 inches tall from the top of the foot and extra height can be added. The creative possibilities for this boot are endless; just mix and match the many available options, or fancy extras, to create your own boot. Personalized designs can be added to make a totally unique pair.

The SCA boot is superb fighting boot, although steel toes are not an option.  The heel is double thick to give good ankle support and I recommend ankle laces or a buckle for SCA fighting in this boot.

Viking and Anglo Saxon Style Boots

russ viking sca boots

Baltic Viking sca boots

Viking and Saxon style boots (above) are made using the split toe option. The Russ Viking boot uses the split toe and the Persian top options. The Baltic uses the split toe and the toggle option.  (note: toggles are decorative and other options may not be available with toggles.)

14th Century Medieval Boots

14th Century sca boot

The 14th Century Medieval boot resembles the turn shoe style of the 14th and 15th centuries.   The 14th Century Medieval Boot is created by choosing the 14th century point in the "style of toe" option.

(Note: the turn shoe method is not used for the construction of this boot.)

SCA style boots begin at $325.00 for Lords and Ladies (See options below)

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!

Fancy Extras / Options

Here are the options available to enhance and personalize your custom boot.

Style of Toe
Square Toe
no extra charge
Round Toe
no extra charge
Pointed Toe
no extra charge
Split Toe
14th Century Point
Sole Material
Smooth Crepe
no extra charge
Lugged Tread

Extra Height
SCA Boots are $4 an inch up from 10 to 16 inches.
All SCA Boots come 10 inches unless you want taller or shorter.

Ankle Support
Those wishing good ankle support for fighting
should add one of these options.

Ankle Laces $10
Brass, Chrome, & Pewter Buckle $15
B-32 or Double Oval Bronze $25
B-32 or Double Oval Silver $30
B-32 or Double Oval Gold $30
Colors: no extra charge
Exact color will vary slightly with availability.
Black White Red Brown Burgundy Gold
Other Options
Please specify if contrasting color is desired.
Kiwi Beeswax Waterproofer $6 Back Seam Pull Strap $65
Athletic Insole Supports
Personalized Design.
Cost varies according to design
Lined with Pig Suede*
Top 6 to 8 inches $40.00
8 to 16 inches $70.00
When turned down, the lining will be displayed for a more finished look. SCA boots become more stiff when lined.
A rainbow of colors is available!

If you have questions, E-mail me HERE